An immersive space in your school from just £45 per pupil


4D creative have partnered with Funding 4 Education to make it easier than ever to install an immersive space at your school.

We know immersive learning can have a huge impact on young people especially on language and communication skills but a full classroom refurbishment and installation is large investment for any schools.

Our leasing options structure payments so you can spread the costs over a number of years.

If you have 10 pupils entitled to pupil premium, these funds could create an immersive space at your school to help bridge the gap and give young people new experiences. 

Funding 4 Education work exclusively with the education sector and specialise in helping schools get the very best for their pupils.

For a primary school with 200 pupils an immersive space would start at £45 per pupil for a 4 year period

To find out more, just contact Louise in our office who will be happy to share our pricing guidelines with you.

E: | T: 0844 414 2595

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