Our work

  1. 4D’s practitioners create new environments that blend person centred approaches, technology & creativity.
  2. Our practitioners will create a supportive, engaging environment through a combination of high & low tech approaches including projection, sound, lighting and den making.
  3. A chance to learn collaboratively and creatively in a supportive, safe & positive environment that will impact pupils, practitioners & the wider community.

Our offer

We have a range of workshops and training programmes that are designed to meet your outcomes. These could be empowering your practitioners, inspiring pupils or embedding creativity across your whole school.

  • Creative workshops to support learning through the development of new ways of thinking
  • Training programmes on whole school approaches to the creative curriculum
  • Person centred practice and personalised packages of support
  • Den making for both practitioners and pupils
  • Cross-curricular educational workshops for pupils
  • Immersive storytelling for pupils
  • CPD for teachers in a range of immersive approaches
  • Curriculum themed creative workshops

The Impact


  • Creative, supportive environments where young people can be heard, express themselves and collaborate.
  • Experiential and engaging curriculum focused learning matched to outcomes and objectives.
  • Encourage pupils to explore, plan and question for themselves, owning their learning in a safe space.


  • Explore a person centred approach to teaching and learning that is focused on outcomes and creativity.
  • Develop tools and confidence to create new environments that open fresh opportunities and value each individual.
  • Learn to understand each individual child and how you can apply creative, pupil led approaches across all abilities and learning styles.


  • Develop parental support around learning journeys by engaging in a new, inspirational space.
  • Create a new experience of education and learning that develops responsible young people, ready for adulthood.
  • Encourage partnerships with the wider school community, built upon a shared understanding and openness.


“Amazing! I can’t wait to start planning some exciting lessons!”
Laura Edwards, Teacher, St Mary’s & St Joseph’s Primary School

“Very enjoyable and informative. I feel like I’ve learned a great deal – and I didn’t think I was a creative person in the slightest!”
Sharon Taylor, Teacher, Brookvale Primary School.

“Clear guidance, instructions and practical demonstrations. A great opportunity to give teaching and learning a new dimension!”
Chris Smith, Teacher, Saint Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School.

“Very practical – great ideas and so simple…the course was well organised with really enthusiastic delivery – a real driver!”
Karen McBride, Headteacher, Croxteth Primary School, Liverpool.

Next steps and how to book

For more information contact Lauren, our Training & Research Co-ordinator: or call 01706 248112 to arrange.


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