The spaces 4D create, transform classrooms into interactive and immersive experiences that facilitate flexible and experiential approaches to education. Pupils are able to influence, develop and take control of their own learning, whilst the role of the tutor evolves to become one of a facilitator, collaborator, producer and author.

The positive impact a 4D immersive space creates can be seen throughout the school, such as improving behaviour and well being and creating greater engagement. This transformational learning in a state of the art environment is proven to advance pupils’ understanding.


From acute assessment wards for people living with dementia to children’s hospitals to social care settings, the immersive experiences are improving quality of life and creating a sense of wellbeing and calm.

A space unlike anywhere else in a care home, hospital or hospice.
A therapeutic and calming environment where people can feel safe.
Develop and sustain a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
Expressive, Inspired And Creative

A space to engage, have fun and communicate with others.
Use experiences to facilitate expression and inspire conversation.
Improve the quality of life by promoting positive health and wellbeing.
Share experiences in a space where you can be yourself and enjoy the company of others.



Our software only solution allows our customers to use their own projectors, lights and sound system to power the 4D system.  Our software allows users full customisation of their immersive experiences.  It’s all based on the 4D Cloud so is fully backed up 24/7


The 4D Mobile Immersive System has been designed to allow you to quickly and simply create immersive experiences in a wide range of settings and locations.

With all the technology of a permanent installation, projection, LED lighting, surround sound and bespoke software, neatly housed in this mobile unit, this modular system can develop and grow in tandem with your needs.


Our immersive installations are created through the key foundations of LED lighting, giant projection and surround sound. These three elements change at the touch of a button to instantly transform your environment and take you and your audience on the journey of your choice.


If you’d like us to come and see the space you’re thinking of transforming, one of our team would be happy to arrange a visit.



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