4D are delighted to be nominated for a Bett award!

About 4D Immersive

Formed in 2010, 4D Immersive is a multi-award winning company with immersive spaces across the UK in both the education sector and health sector.

Our immersive spaces enable inspiration and creativity. High and low tech solutions are combined to create memorable, person centred experiences that inspire new ways of thinking and articulation of ideas.

From large scale projection and touch screens through to umbrellas and parachutes, we create flexible environments which exude creativity and inspire users of all ages and abilities.

Based at The Sharp Project in Manchester, our creative and passionate team have developed a range of immersive products ready for you to explore.


Have a look at how we've transformed learning spaces in our video

Our products

Our product family is designed to be flexible and work to our customers’ parameters. We focus on how our products will positively affect approaches and intended outcomes, making sure we supply the user with the right tools to develop their immersive environment.

  • Projection
  • Surround sound
  • LED lighting
  • PC & Wireless keyboard
  • iPad
  • Wireless switches
  • Mobile flightcase
  • 4D create software + themes
  • Additional projection
  • Inflatable space
  • Projection Screens
  • Interactive totems
  • Training
  • One year servicing
  • Interactive floor and walls
  • Shaped projection walls
  • Additional lighting features
  • Furniture solutions
  • Design features and artwork
  • Refurbishment
  • Mobile

    Flexible technology that can be moved between spaces to quickly and simply create immersive

    Pop Up

    A unique mobile, pop up space within a space that will create an immersive environment in under fifteen minutes.


    Our entry level set up, giving you the essential tools to create an immersive room or area.


    Our most popular installation includes all of the core features and a whole range of options to develop the immersive space even further.