St Kentigern’s Primary School visit 4D

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Last week we welcomed a group of student journalists from St Kentigern’s Primary School to our offices. We are currently designing a 4D Immersive Space for the school and they asked if they could bring some pupils, staff and governors to investigate what we do!

Our teaching and learning expert, Gav, took control of the day and invited the journalists to explore the 4D Immersive Space at our office to get their initial reactions. The pupils then interviewed the lovely 4D team to really see what makes us tick. Finally we hit ‘play’ on our Newsroom theme so we could hear what our guests had learnt!

It was a really fun and exciting way to spend a Friday afternoon and we would happily welcome more journalists (student or otherwise) into our office any time!


Croxteth Primary School, Liverpool

[superquote]”The difference it has made to the children is phenomenal”[/superquote]

Croxteth Primary moved into their new school building recently and were lucky enough to have a 4D Immersive Space waiting for them! This was a brilliant space to design as the architects set aside a semi circle shaped room. We at 4D love a curved wall! Once we got our hands on the new room, we started with giant projection and an interactive floor. Next up came a swirling ceiling feature complete with twinkling fibre optic lights. We also fitted some light globes for an extra wow factor. Getting down to practicalities, large cupboards were fitted with a magnetic dry wipe finish. We also supplied the school with some giant bean bags and a bean bag storage area!

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