Behind the scenes in some of our immersive spaces…


The spaces we install allow schools to go to new worlds, expand learning through immersive experiences and support all aspects of the curriculum in a customisable way.

But the 4th dimension of 4D are the people who use the spaces long after we’ve packed up our toolboxes.  It’s the people who make the spaces come alive using the tools we’ve given them of lights, sounds, projections and easy to use software.

So, we thought we’d share a few examples of how some of the schools we’ve worked with have been getting on with their spaces over the years… Continue reading “Behind the scenes in some of our immersive spaces…”

Immersive open days – January/February 2015


Make immersive experiences part of your plans for 2015 by registering for an immersive open afternoon.

Our open days are an opportunity to ask questions, gain an understanding and look at how immersive learning could work across your whole school to inspire creativity and improve engagement.

Our open days are lined up on the following dates:

20th – 24th Bett Show, London

4th – Gisburn Road Primary, Barnoldswick
11th – Woodcroft Primary School, London
12th – Someries Primary, Luton
23rd – 4D creative offices, Salford
25th – Broomfield South, Leeds

To register, please visit our Eventbrite page at or if you need further information, just call on 0844 414 2595

This is a chance to talk, learn and share ideas.

Here’s the agenda for the open afternoons: 

Introduction to 4D Creative

* Who are we and what do we do
* Immersive installations – both permanent and mobile
* 4D Create – our immersive software and content library

How will immersive learning make a difference

* Whole school approach
* Case study evidence
* Lesson ideas and the use of immersive with the wider school community

Q & A and an opportunity to use the system in our demonstration space

Hot drinks, biscuits and discussions will be plentiful!

Who’s this event for? Anyone interested in immersive learning or creating an immersive space in their school. Those with a role in developing the curriculum and senior leaders will gain most from the sessions

For more information please email: or call on 0161 686 5760


National Storytelling Week – January 31 to February 7 2015


Celebrate national storytelling week with an immersive, interactive, storytelling workshop.

National Storytelling Week was created in the year 2000 to increase public awareness of the art, practice and value of oral storytelling. Since then, it has been held during the first week of February every year.

Book a digital storytelling session in the 4D Pop Up

Our creative practitioners will lead an interactive storytelling session that will feature large scale projection, LED lighting and surround sound to immerse your pupils. This will be an exciting, engaging experience that will impact on your pupils communication and language skills.

The 4D Pop Up immersive space sets up in 15 minutes and can seat a class of primary pupils. It becomes a space within a space and will transport your young people to new places, times and atmospheres. Learn more about the 4D Pop Up here.

The possibilities:

  • Fire of London
  • Titanic
  • Stories around the African waterhole
  • Noah
  • Gawain and The Green Knight
  • Or let us know what you story you want to hear…

Each workshop can be structured to meet your requirements and objectives.

If you’d like to arrange an immersive storytelling in your school, get in touch with the 4D team on 0844 414 2595 or email

Prices start from £550 + VAT for a half day and includes a practitioner and everything needed to create an immersive environment.

Networking and best practice at 4D creative


Last week we welcomed practitioners from our network of schools for the second 4D exchange of the 2014-15 school year.

4D exchange is a regular event where teachers working in 4D immersive spaces can exchange ideas, best practice and resources with each other. It’s also an opportunity to hear from the 4D team about new tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your immersive space.

The afternoon featured a huge range of topics including examples of use from practitioners, a demo of our new software, a presentation on a PHD project researching immersive learning and discussions on the next batch of immersive content 4D will be developing.

Explore a gallery of the event below:

As ever, it was fantastic to meet with creative and enthusiastic practitioners who use their immersive spaces for a wide variety of activities. These conversations also help shape how we develop our software and immersive content.

Our next 4D exchange will take place in February 2015 and all the details will be online soon. If you have an immersive space in your school, then we’d love for you to join us.

SEND reforms – useful resources to share and download.


With the Children’s and Families act implemented from September 1st, there’s a huge number of resources available for those working with young people with additional needs.

Our Operations Director Colette Gollcher works closely with the Council for Disabled Children who have compiled a wide range of guides and resources to help you implement these changes. You can explore these resources here.

What can 4D creative offer you to support the implementation of this legislation?

Within the 4D team, there are a range of skills and knowledge from across the disability agenda. Our operations manager, Colette Gollcher also works to support local authorities in their preparation for these reforms through training sessions.

We have a variety of workshops for you to consider:

  • A full briefing session to understand the upcoming reforms to enable you to support your children, young people, their families, your staff and governors.
  • A workshop explaining how to utilise an immersive space for person centred annual reviews
  • A day of live planning for a group of young people and their families who may be starting the journey in education health and case plans
  • Learn how to develop immersive content relevant to preparing children and young people for adulthood

If you’d like to find out more about an immersive space being installed at your school contact Louise on

Alternatively, to discuss a workshop on the SEND reforms, please call on 0844 414 2595 or email:

4D Foundations – immersive spaces from £13,550


At 4D, we know our immersive spaces are having a huge impact on the schools lucky enough to have one. Young people are given new opportunities whilst teaching staff enjoy a dynamic tool to enhance their lessons.

Our mission as a company is to enable inspiration and creativity wherever we go and we have used the school summer holidays to look at our products to see how they can become more affordable.

With that in mind, we’re proud to launch our Foundation Immersive Packages which start from £13,550 + VAT

The quality of our installations remain the best in the education sector so you can use the space all year round and we have worked hard to create installation packages at the most affordable prices possible.

Everything you need to create an immersive space is included:

  • Industry standard projection
  • LED lighting
  • High impact sound
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • 4D create software with preloaded immersive content
  • Training with our experienced practitioners to help you get the most from your investment
  • Full support and warranty
  • A complete design and installation process – our design team will always work to understand your needs and requirements before any installation. This is so you get the best solution rather than an ‘off the shelf’ kit.

Our pricing chart below gives you guide prices depending on size of space you have in mind. We are also able to offer financing options through our partners at Funding 4 Education if you’d like to spread the costs of an immersive installation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.48.57

Next Steps

If you’ve got a space in mind, get in touch and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote. Or if you’d like to discuss possibilities, a member of the 4D team will be happy to help.

Call on 0844 414 2595 or email


The Power of Play! National Play Day 2014


National Play Day is being celebrated across Britain today. The annual event now in it’s 27th year was set up to celebrate the power of play for all ages and abilities. The aim is not only to have a day of fun and adventure but also highlight how important play is in the development of young people especially at school.

Coinciding with today’s events is the release of a report from Tim Gill “A review of the wider impact of play initiatives”.  Whilst Gill focuses largely on outdoor play there is much to learn about what goes on inside the classroom or home too.

Playing leads to a wide range of interconnected beneficial outcomes for children. These include:

  • Cognitive development (including language skills, problem solving and independent learning skills, self-efficacy, gaining perspective, representational skills, memory and creativity)

  • Physical health and development (including physiological, cardiovascular and fine and gross motor skills development as well as increased physical activity);

  • Mental health, happiness and emotional well-being (including building confidence, improved child- parent attachments, coping with stress, tackling anxieties and phobias, aiding recovery in therapeutic contexts, and alleviating the symptoms of ADHD for some children);

  • Social development (including working with others, sharing, negotiating and appreciating others’ points of view);

  • Risk management and resilience through experiencing and responding to unexpected, challenging situations. 

At 4D, our work started from den making and creating immersive spaces out of parachutes and umbrellas! The aim has always been to take young people on journey, setting them challenges, exploring new ideas and creativity.   Light, sound and projection has taken the initial den making ideas to the next level but is still something we encourage! Our co-founder and creative director Cathy Cross has been blogging some of her recent den making adventures here which is well worth a read.

We’ve seen how immersing young people in new experiences has improved language skills, encouraged participation and inspired peer to peer learning. Come and explore our case studies page to find out more.

Our design team would love to look at how we could work you to install a new creative classroom in your school, ready to immerse your pupils in their learning and develop new approaches to teaching. All of our immersive spaces come with a full training package so your staff are able to creatively use this new tool to get the very best from every pupil at your school. To find out more just call our office on 0844 414 2595  or email the team via our contact page. 

Read more about Play Day at their website here or this news story from the Telegraph contains lots of further information.

Immersive learning just got more affordable


4D is built upon the principle that your school deserves the best quality products at the very best prices. Our design team work hard to ensure that everything that goes into making an immersive space is the highest quality yet still affordable.

We know your budgets are always stretched which is why over the last few months we’ve looked at how our installations are carried out.

Through working harder and smarter, we’re pleased to say we’ve managed to dramatically reduce the costs of fitting an immersive space at your school.

Full installation costs are now reduced by 10% whilst our mobile immersive spaces are now available with a 5% discount.

Best quality…just more affordable. 

Our projectors will still be top quality industry standard, our lighting still bright, powerful and engaging whilst crystal clear surround sound will immerse your pupils in new experiences. Our best quality principle also includes taking pride in the finer details. From interactive floors and iPads to bespoke designed furniture and vinyl artwork, the finishing touches are what takes an immersive space to the next level.

This is a space to inspire pupils and enable creativity which is why we’ll always go the extra mile in designing your immersive space. 

Next steps.

If you’ve had a quote from us previously then feel free to get in touch and ask how we can make an immersive space happen at your school. A 10% discount is the minimum we can offer. This price is guaranteed till October 10th 2014 when our new pricing scheme will be fully launched.

If you’re new to 4D then it’s quick and simple for us to draw up a no obligation quote. You may have a space in mind or you may just need more details, either way, we would love to explain further about how immersive learning could positively impact your school.

T: 0844 414 2595 | E:

Or spread the cost over 3 years?

Leasing with 4D creative means you can spread the cost of an immersive space over a number of years. We’ve partnered with Funding 4 Education who work exclusively with the education sector and specialise in helping schools get the very best for their pupils.

If you have 10 pupils entitled to pupil premium, these funds could create an immersive space at your school to help bridge the gap and give young people new experiences. 

To find out more, just contact Louise in our office who will be happy to share our pricing guidelines with you.

T: 0844 414 2595 | E:

From tired sensory room to inspirational immersive space with Willoughby School


We’ve been hearing lots of great feedback on our recent installation at Willoughby School in Lincolnshire. We first met the school for pupils with a wide variety of additional needs in 2011. Since then, we’ve kept in touch with the always welcoming school as they have raised funds for their immersive space.

The new immersive space replaces the schools old sensory room and features large scale corner projection, LED lighting, surround sound and an interactive floor. The aim of the space is to give young people new experiences in a multi sensory and engaging environment. So pupils are able to travel to new places, explore new cultures and learn about the world around them all from the safety of their school.

Headteacher, Adam Booker explains: “Our immersive space is fabulous, unique and will enhance the learning opportunities available to our pupils. We saw a similar space some years ago and have worked hard with our partners at the Cummins Foundation to have it created in the last two weeks. The reactions so far have all been similar , ‘WOW’ being the most frequent!”

The school have kindly shared some videos of their pupils enjoying the new space for the first time which you can watch below.

The local press have also been reporting on the exciting new space at the school which you can read all about here.

What next?

If you’d like 4D creative’s design team to give your sensory room a new lease of life, just get in touch.A non obligation quote is quick and simple for us to draw up. You can call us on 0844 414 2595 or send an email to

First reactions to the immersive space at Willoughby School from 4d creative on Vimeo.

Interactive floor at Willoughby School from 4d creative on Vimeo.

Interactive Floor at Willoughby School from 4d creative on Vimeo.

An immersive space in your school from just £45 per pupil


4D creative have partnered with Funding 4 Education to make it easier than ever to install an immersive space at your school.

We know immersive learning can have a huge impact on young people especially on language and communication skills but a full classroom refurbishment and installation is large investment for any schools.

Our leasing options structure payments so you can spread the costs over a number of years.

If you have 10 pupils entitled to pupil premium, these funds could create an immersive space at your school to help bridge the gap and give young people new experiences. 

Funding 4 Education work exclusively with the education sector and specialise in helping schools get the very best for their pupils.

For a primary school with 200 pupils an immersive space would start at £45 per pupil for a 4 year period

To find out more, just contact Louise in our office who will be happy to share our pricing guidelines with you.

E: | T: 0844 414 2595

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