Immersive learning just got more affordable


4D is built upon the principle that your school deserves the best quality products at the very best prices. Our design team work hard to ensure that everything that goes into making an immersive space is the highest quality yet still affordable.

We know your budgets are always stretched which is why over the last few months we’ve looked at how our installations are carried out.

Through working harder and smarter, we’re pleased to say we’ve managed to dramatically reduce the costs of fitting an immersive space at your school.

Full installation costs are now reduced by 10% whilst our mobile immersive spaces are now available with a 5% discount.

Best quality…just more affordable. 

Our projectors will still be top quality industry standard, our lighting still bright, powerful and engaging whilst crystal clear surround sound will immerse your pupils in new experiences. Our best quality principle also includes taking pride in the finer details. From interactive floors and iPads to bespoke designed furniture and vinyl artwork, the finishing touches are what takes an immersive space to the next level.

This is a space to inspire pupils and enable creativity which is why we’ll always go the extra mile in designing your immersive space. 

Next steps.

If you’ve had a quote from us previously then feel free to get in touch and ask how we can make an immersive space happen at your school. A 10% discount is the minimum we can offer. This price is guaranteed till October 10th 2014 when our new pricing scheme will be fully launched.

If you’re new to 4D then it’s quick and simple for us to draw up a no obligation quote. You may have a space in mind or you may just need more details, either way, we would love to explain further about how immersive learning could positively impact your school.

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Or spread the cost over 3 years?

Leasing with 4D creative means you can spread the cost of an immersive space over a number of years. We’ve partnered with Funding 4 Education who work exclusively with the education sector and specialise in helping schools get the very best for their pupils.

If you have 10 pupils entitled to pupil premium, these funds could create an immersive space at your school to help bridge the gap and give young people new experiences. 

To find out more, just contact Louise in our office who will be happy to share our pricing guidelines with you.

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