4D creative’s first London space

St Matthew Academy in Blackheath is to become the first school in London to have a 4D Immersive Space.

The finished space will be ready for use by the start of December and the school’s Principal, Michael Barry, is already looking forward to its arrival:

“I cannot wait until the immersive space is finished and I can look at the faces of our children as they walk in the room and find themselves in different places around the world or in different times in our history.

They will be able to be in the war, seeing and hearing the gunfire across their heads in the trenches. Just imagine their creative writing after they feel the emotion of being in that time and in that place …in our immersive space!”

We first met the school earlier this year. Since then, we’ve worked with the school to develop the perfect design for their needs. Principal Barry explains this journey further:

Michael Barry – Principal (St Matthew Academy)

“I first saw 4D creative’s immersive space in an article on Twitter. I immediately got in touch with Cathy Cross and said “I love what I have seen please come and visit me”. Within a week we were having coffee together in my school planning how we could make an immersive space a reality. There was something I loved, not just about the concept of an immersive space but about Cathy herself, it was her passion for learning.

A few weeks later Ben Willetts arrived at SMA with a model of the immersive space in a box. He was full of passion too and captivated us with his box of tricks. Within two minutes of seeing the model in action and looking at the detailed plans for the space in our school, I had the finance director in the room and had agreed a leasing plan over three years.

I wanted an immersive learning space for our children and I wanted it NOW”

This is a significant and exciting installation for all of us at 4D and we will be announcing the opening of the space in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to have these details emailed to you, just send us a quick message via our contact page and we will make sure you are the first to know.


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