Competition Time!

Are you a daydreamer, doodler or designer? Do you have an amazing and creative imagination?

4D is getting a new look and we’re looking for someone who can design us a new logo. So we thought, who better to ask to design it than the people who use our spaces – YOU! We’re looking for a design that represents how your immersive space makes you feel and think! What we need the design to do:

  • Be original, interesting imaginative and creative
  • To include ‘4D’ somewhere
  • To sum up what you think a 4D room does
  • Be simple and to the point
  • Be easily transferrable onto computer – you may want to design it on the computer yourselves (in which case send us a file format such as jpg, bmp, png) or you may want to draw it with pen and paper – as long as it can be scanned in, we can use it!

Teachers you may want to set this as a piece of work for your class – why not step into your immersive space to set the challenge.

Once you’re happy send us your logo design to: (and include your name, age and the name of your school) by 12th February 2016

There’s a prize for the best design – so, what are you waiting for?! We’re already looking forward to seeing what you come up with…

4D logo comp edit

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