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4d exchange

This week we welcomed practitioners from our network of schools for our first 4D exchange of the 2014-15 school year.

4D exchange is a regular event where teachers working in 4D immersive spaces can exchange ideas, best practice and resources with each other. It’s also an opportunity to hear from the 4D team about new tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your immersive space.

This time we welcomed teaching staff from a range of schools from Stoke, Manchester, Blackburn, Chorley and beyond who all got into the spirit and shared some of the ideas that have been having a positive impact on their pupils.

  • Ormiston Horizon Academy shared their crime scene maths lesson including QR codes giving clues and a clever use of Powerpoint to create immersive themes
  • St Barnabas and St Paul’s Primary shared their whole school approach to immersive learning and how their 4D Pop Up is being used everyday of the year. In particular we also saw a great lesson on how Viking ships were built.
  • Bowlee Park Primary also shared a whole lesson about a journey across the sea to a secret island. This experiential approach has seen a dramatic improvement in boys literacy and language skills.
  • The 4D team also shared some new content we’ve developed and some top tips on creating your own immersive themes

It was great to get a packed room of practitioners excited and enthusing about how immersive learning is having a positive impact on their lessons. It was also brilliant to see staff eager to swap content, contact details and to start seeing how partnerships could be formed. This is exactly why we wanted to host a networking event like this!

If your school has an immersive space then we want you to join us for the next 4D exchange! All the information you need is here or you can register below. We limit numbers to make the event as useful as possible so if you want to be involved, don’t delay, get registered.

In 2015 we are also looking to find host schools to run a 4D exchange in their immersive space, if you want to be involved, drop the 4D team an email.

Our next event is scheduled for the 25th November and you can register via the form below:

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