A trip to The Market – creating great immersive content

Markets theme

The power of immersive experiences comes from creating just the right atmosphere with the very best content possible. Our content developer, Lauren, spends her days at 4D creating new images, videos and sound effects perfect for inspiring young minds in schools or relaxing those on a hospital ward.

With the new Primary Curriculum on the horizon, it’s a busy time of creating lots of new themes to help our schools immerse their pupils in brand new topics such as the Vikings, emergency services, shapes and patterns.

We want to start sharing some of this process with you and also to compile useful resources perfect for an immersive space.

For each new theme, Lauren is going to create a new mood board and also curate a Pinterest board full of useful images. Better still, if you want to contribute your own ideas, we’d love to see images and videos you may have. Just send us a quick email and we’ll give you access.

Come and explore our Pinterest board below for our first theme idea – the Market. This theme is going to be used to spark conversation with people with dementia but also could be used for a huge range of lessons from maths to creative writing to science and beyond!

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