MCA Content Project Part 4 – Outstanding pupil presentations.


The first stage of our Content Creation project came to a close this week with the pupils of Manchester Communication Academy presenting their work.

Our teaching and learning lead, Gav, visited the academy to see the pupil’s creations and has written us this report…

“As the culmination of a huge project, I was invited to see the outcomes of the content creation work by one of the six year eight groups, that have been following the same programme of study.

Given the starting point of ‘Inspiration’ by year eight teachers of PE, the young content developers of tomorrow selected the development software to use, iMovie; researched the subject and selected the people who they considered to be inspiring.  From Jessica Ennis and Bradley Wiggins, to Felix Baumgartner and Neil Armstrong. The end result was four interlinked themes, built into 4D create and ready for the sharing.

What has struck me throughout our association with this project is the evident pride the content developers have in their work and ideas.  It was exciting to see how fired up the groups were about their own work and that of their colleagues. Throughout the sharing I was told what choices and adjustments to transitions they had made, or how they had found the right picture at the right resolution. Reflecting on tips we had offered but mainly the learning, skills and steer given by Alex Garry, their teacher.

All I can say is, their work, their choices and the activity they came up with was a pleasure to be part of. Sometimes I can be accused of ‘gushing’. I’m not going to apologise for that! Even though I am no longer a full-time teacher in a school, it was a ‘what I got into teaching for’ moment.  Beaming kids, asking questions, achieving, being proud of their work and being proud of their teacher.  I am a gusher!

One of the most exciting and rewarding hours I have spent in any of our rooms. Since moving to MediaCityUK, the hub of digital content development in our North-West regional home, I can see how the young content creators in schools today are being given the creative and technical skills and aspirations for jobs that exist today and for the jobs that have not even been thought of yet”

Since the lesson, it’s been fantastic to find out that the content creation project is to become a scheme of work for Year 8 and GCSE pupils. Lots of credit needs to go to the staff and pupils at the Academy who all put a great amount of effort into creating some outstanding pieces of work. A big thanks needs to go to Mr Gary and Mr Sibbald from the Academy who have lead this project with us.

The next stage for the Content Creation project is further meetings with the academy to see how we could expand this scheme of work further. We are also planning to pull together packs of resources so similar projects can take place in any of our network of schools. More news coming soon!

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