4D Model Box

A 4D Immersive Space in a box! Last week, our design team set about making a model box so we can show what we do on a mini level.  All run by our own software, you can experience how the press of a touchscreen can transform a room (albeit a very mini room).

The box features all the technology we usually fit into a whole space including a fully functioning interactive floor!

We decided to build the model box so we can show in a very quick, playful way, exactly what we do to larger spaces and the impact this could have on teaching and learning. We will be taking our model box to schools, conferences and exhibitions in the coming weeks.

If you’d like for us to come and visit you with the model box and to look into what we could do at your school, then just get in touch. There’s no obligation or charge for this process, we will just need an hour of your time.

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