4D Teaching and Learning.

We recently launched our brand new Teaching and Learning offerings. Gav, our vastly experienced and all round lovely training practitioner, has developed a series of options that are aimed to increase creativity in your staff and school.

We offer a whole range of INSET training packages and creative workshops to ensure you get the most from your 4D Immersive Space. These are a great way to build confidence and maximise the potential of the space.

The Options…

So What Now? 

Exploring the basics of what you can do in a 4D Immersive Space and how it fits into your settings style. Experience a taster of creative immersive learning approaches and an introduction to our software, 4D create.

Content, Creation and Creativity.

A greater examination of the opportunities our software 4D create can offer you. How to source elements and use them to enhance the space, quickly and effectively. Finding out what works, what has impact and how to involve young people in the process. How to create interactive content can also be part of any workshop where this is an aspect of your 4D Immersive Space.

Creative Thinking and Learning.

How to engage with all learning styles and recognising the characteristics of the creative learner, focusing on originality, imagination, having a purpose and adding value.

Creative Workshops & Masterclasses.

From storytelling to den making, drama workshops to bespoke creative sessions, we are developing a range of exciting sessions to inspire learners and colleagues.

Have a different course in mind? 

Just get in touch, we can design training sessions to meet your needs and intended outcomes.

The next steps... To book a course, call the 4D creative team on 0844 414 2595 or email us via our contact page.


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