Additional technology and content

Choose from a range of dynamic technology tools to help you get the most from your 4D immersive space

  • Additional wall projectors
  • Our trademark “4D staggered projection screens”
  • Suspended ceiling discs with integrated LED lighting
  • Ceiling hung LED light “spheres”
  • Fibre optic stars ceiling feature
  • Additional content packs

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Wireless switches

These clever remote controls enable you to put participants in control of the space. It’s quick and simple to assign these battery powered buttons to trigger effects and playlists within our software.  These switches are perfect for “cause and effect” activities for participants regardless of all ability.  The addition of a clever transmitter box allows any wired switch (such as a head switch) to become wireless and give the user total control over the space.

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We provide a full turnkey package of refurbishment should you wish. Over the last 5 years we have transformed all kinds of spaces from tired portcabins to unloved storage cupboards! From electrics and floors to doors and walls, our experienced team will transform your space with care and pride.

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Design Features

Choose from a range of options that create focal points, add interest and spark creativity.  Our talented design team really set us apart from our competitors.  We take time to understand your requirements and make your space bespoke to you. Options include:

  • Stretched fabric “ceiling sails”
  • Wall Vinyl Artwork
  • Dry wipe wall
  • Den making hooks
  • Bespoke Storage Cupboards
  • Bespoke design features

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Interactive floor

Heighten engagement, deepen understanding and capture the imagination with this awe inspiring technology tool. Motion sensors in the ceiling allow users to interact with the projected image to trigger audio visual effects and reveal new layers.  From peeling away the bone structure of the hand or splashing around in puddles to unearthing objects on an archaeological dig… the possibilities are endless!  Our interactive floor is therapeutic, fun and captivating.  It’s simple to create your own interactive themes by adding your own photos, videos and sounds using the on-screen editor.

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