250gb Media Storage

This robust “plug and play” box safely houses all the tech and incorporates 250gb of media storage.  Connection plates on the side of the unit allow an additional projector to be added to the system and there are power sockets for the fans to inflate “4D pop up” built in too.

The whole ‘4D pop up’ system can be safely powered from 1 standard single socket. Plug in the power, switch it on and lift the lid….and you’re ready to go.

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Software and Content

The system comes pre-loaded with our “4D create” software and a base pack of 50 themes.  You can purchase more content at any time or upload your own videos, pictures and audio to create your own immersive experiences in minutes.  “4D create” empowers users to create their own immersive experiences in seconds in a familiar drag and drop environment.  Clever, versatile and simple to use.

Trigger lighting, sound and projection with one touch, easy to upload your own images, videos and music. drag and drop sounds, images and light levels to create the perfect setting for your session.  The software is designed and coded in-house by our development team.

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Wireless LED lights

From the cold blues of the arctic circle to the fiery reds of an erupting volcano; lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the mood and atmosphere of an immersive space. The 2 battery powered LED lights can last up to 8 hours on a single charge.  These wireless units are controlled from the iPad and you can position them around the room to light up the walls, objects or even people!  Dock them back in to the flight case for charging at the end of your session.

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BOSE sound system

The soundscapes linked to our content themes set the scene and feed the imagination. Crisp, clear, quality sound with deep bass adds depth to the immersive experience.  A 3.5mm jack input allows you to connect you own device to the speakers.

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Ultra short throw projection

Projection is the focal point of every immersive space. The 3000 lumen ultra short throw projector is incorporated within the flight case and controlled wirelessly from the iPad. This unit can project images of up to 3m wide from just 60 centimetres away. Position the flight case near a white wall in a darkened room, select your theme on the iPad and watch the whole space transform! Our single projector system is contained within the main tech hub, you can add a 2nd satellite projector to the system to increase the immersive impact.

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iPad and switch control

The entire immersive experience is controlled wirelessly from the iPad which is included in the package.  The system also comes supplied with 4 coloured wireless buttons which can be assigned to trigger effects and playlists within our software.  These switches are perfect for “cause and effect” activities for participants regardless of all ability.  The addition of a clever transmitter box allows any wired switch (such as a head switch) to become wireless and control the system.

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