The immersive spaces we create open up a world of possibilities to those working within them. Our mission has always been to support all staff who have this new dynamic environment which is why we run regular learning events called 4D exchange.

What is 4D exchange?

4D exchange is a regular event where teachers working in 4D immersive spaces can exchange ideas, best practice and resources with each other. It’s also an opportunity to hear from the 4D team about new tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of your immersive space.

Presenters will have 5 minutes each to share an overview of an idea, lesson or resource they have found particularly effective in their space. There will be room for discussion and hands-on experimenting in the space, and a chance to see new content in development, as well as a short tips and tricks session from the 4D team.

Who is it for?

4D exchange is designed for teachers who are currently delivering lessons in 4D immersive spaces and who are interested in maximising the impact that their immersive lessons can have on teaching and learning. A good working of knowledge of the 4D system would be beneficial for all attendees.

To keep the event focussed yet flexible, we restrict numbers for each event with a maximum of two per school. Of course, the higher demand, the more events we will run or you could run your own 4D exchange with neighbouring schools? Get in touch for more details.

What do I need to prepare?

4D exchange is an informal event that gives teachers a chance to share and bounce off each other’s ideas, so the more you would like to share with the network the better! If you have an idea, lesson or resource that you would like to share, please contact the 4D team. We will then ask you to send over any images you might want to use the week prior to the event so we can set these themes up on our 4D create system ready for the event.

What happens after the event?

Providing you are happy for us to, we will share contact details with those attending so that you can continue to share ideas and will share your resources on our website for our wider teacher network to have access to.

When’s the next 4D exchange?

Date: TBC
Times: TBC
Location: TBC

For more information contact Lauren Walker, Training & Research Coordinator on, call us on 01706 248112