4D creative’s first health care space


4D creative have just completed our first installation in a health care setting.

4D creative and Mersey Care have entered into a joint arrangement to test out the impact of using technology to create an immersive experience for those suffering from dementia, their carers and the practitioners involved in their care. An immersive space has been installed in the Clarence Ward at Stoddart House and the joint arrangement will run from March – August 2013.

Mersey Care have commissioned 4D creative to work with the ward staff, carers and service users to create immersive experiences that will benefit them all as a whole. The work is a joint venture between 4D creative and Mersey Care and is an inspirational opportunity.

This is a really exciting development for 4D creative and is the start of our plans to diversify how we create immersive experiences and the impact they create. We have seen great results across all age groups in education and we are excited to see how our concept can be expanded to new sectors and user groups.

As an ongoing piece of research there will be regular updates on our space at Stoddart House.  If you’d like further information on this or any of our spaces, just get in touch.

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