Manchester Communication Academy Content Project 2


As we mentioned last month, 4D creative have been commissioned by Manchester Communication Academy to run a content creation project.

Year 8 pupils have been asked by Year 7 teaching staff to create multimedia content as part of a unit on “Exploring the arts as a participant media”. Pupils will explore and use image manipulation and video editing software to create a dynamic video product using still images and backing audio. The piece of work will attempt to tell a story or convey a message based on the feelings and emotions a chosen piece of music was intended to evoke.

Curating content in this way gives the Academy lots of positive outcomes. The Year 8 pupils are getting a new unit of work which develops a variety of skills, from communication and literacy to image manipulation and ICT skills. Whilst Year 7 staff and pupils will have a dynamic lesson to work with specially created for them. The academy as a whole are also getting lots of high quality content for their immersive space which can be used across the curriculum. As a company, we love seeing how our spaces develop over time and this project is a great example of what can be achieved. Empowering pupils with the responsibility to curate lessons is also a really powerful tool and we can’t wait to see the results.

Gav and Pete from our team met with the class recently to introduce the pupils to 4D create, the software that powers our immersive spaces. Gav explained what made great content and how manipulating images can help get the pupil’s message across.

Finally, the class were taught how to upload their finished videos, pictures and sounds to 4D create using the simple drag and drop menus. It was very exciting to hear how the pupils planned to use the space and how quickly they learnt how to work with 4D create.

The Academy are also running a series of blogs on the project which you can read here and here –  we thoroughly recommend these. There’s still lots more to come from the project which we will be mentioning here very soon. Click the photos below for a slideshow of our morning at the 4D demo space.



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