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This week we have been on tour to trial our brand new pop up immersive space. Our design team have been working on a flexible, portable immersive solution for a number of months and the time was right to test a couple of these designs with a storytelling day.

Our new portable pod will enable anyone to create an immersive space anywhere they want in just a few minutes. In the new portable structure, light, sound and projection can all be triggered from a tablet device running our bespoke software, 4D create. 4D creative will still be installing permanent immersive experiences but a new portable solution is a really exciting development for us as it makes our spaces even more flexible and removes the need for a dedicated room.

As part of our research and development for this new product, we needed to trial what we could do within the new space so we packed our bags and went on tour. Our hosts were Hebden Green School in Cheshire, The TEN Centre in Salford, Manchester Communication Academy and two schools from Liverpool, Bishop Eton and St Ambrose. Big thanks for the warm welcome we received and for letting us pop up, play, learn and experience what mobile immersive learning could be.

In the primary and SEN settings we ran an afternoon of storytelling. The space and technology side of the trial worked as planned which kept our development manager Nick happy! All we needed now was a room full of pupils and a storyteller to see how the space would work.

Fortunately for us, our Teaching Associate Gav had transformed into Professor Flummox for the day! Prof Flummox is the most intelligent man you will ever meet but also one of the most forgetful. He loves stories and can tell you hundreds of them, he also has a special magic book that helps to transform the space you are in. There will definitely be more outings for Professor Flummox in 2013. If you’d like a storytelling day at your school then just let us know via our contact page.

There was a real buzz around the sessions as we transported the class from their usual classroom to anywhere imaginable. As we were running a storytelling session in the space, the lesson was used for the pupils to practice their “WOW words” – by immersing the young people in the sights and sounds of the session, they were able to express themselves in more detail and with a wider vocabulary.

At Manchester Communication Academy we met a group of secondary pupils who were involved in a research project. We let them explore the new pod and encouraged them to ask questions to find out how the pod would work. They came up with some great ideas which have really helped our thinking for the next steps.

Our mobile immersive spaces are being launched early next year. If you’d like to be one of the first to see a pod then just send us a quick email and we’ll make sure you are kept informed or fill in this quick form below.

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