What could I use the 4D pop up for?

The possibilities with the 4D pop up are endless, but here are just some of the ways our clients and customers have been using theirs:

• Engaging product launches and promotions
• Winning client pitches
• Making meetings with a difference with a mobile meeting pod
• Themed bar area for drinks receptions
• The prefect backdrop for small performances and presentations
• A break out area at conferences
• Creating strong brand impact for at Exhibitions
• In just 15 minutes the pop up is ready to go making this space perfect for roadshows

How big is the pop up?

When the front section is attached the pop up is approx. 6m wide x 5m deep x 2.75m high, detaching the front section takes the depth down to approx. 4m. We recommend you have a space that is at least 7m wide x 6m x deep x 3m high to inflate it in.

What do I get when I rent a 4D pop up?

Everything! This complete and compact mobile unit has everything you need to create a massive impact – wireless LED lighting, large scale projection, Bose sound system, library of over 100 themes and our simple to use i-pad pre loaded with the bespoke 4D software so you can easily and the pod to life. We supply a technician with the first day of hire to help you get the system configured correctly. Please visit our “mobile products” page for more information about the product.

Can we create our own content?

Yes and it’s quick and simple to do. Simply upload your images, video and audio to the system via the USB drive and you’re ready to go! The “4D create” software accepts all common media formats.

Can I use it outside?

Unfortunately not – 4D pop up is for indoor use only. The pop up is designed to be lightweight to ensure it’s easy for 1 person to set up. This lightweight fabric is not water resistant and is not designed to withstand high winds.

How much does it cost to hire?

4D pop up is surprisingly cost effective, with hire rates half that of a comparable set up of standard lighting, sound and projection with an inflatable from an AV or Events company. A standard day rate is just £1500 and includes a technician as well as delivery within 50 miles of MediaCityUK (Manchester). Longer rental periods attract a discount.

Can I purchase a 4D pop up?

4D pop up is available to purchase and can be more cost effective than hiring over a long period. As the product is so versatile it can be used for a wide range of events and quickly re-themed by adding new content. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

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