Dementia Festival Of Ideas 2015


4D creative are pleased to announce we have been selected to share our innovative, immersive approach to dementia care at Ideas Lab in Belfast. The event run in partnership between the Dementia Festival of Ideas and the The Dementia Services Development Centre (University of Stirling) aims to generate a new generation of ideas which will help shape the future of dementia.

Our immersive approach for people living with dementia combines therapeutic approaches, software and high impact audio visuals, but always keeps the individual at the heart of everything.

The focus of care within our immersive spaces is to relax people with dementia whilst stimulating memories and creating conversation points. Our person-centred approach has improved wellbeing, and has enabled families of people with dementia to be involved in the process by creating personalised content for the immersive space, from a favourite piece of music to photos from a memorable holiday.

After sharing details of our work, we have been invited to present to an international panel including artists, cultural leaders and dementia experts. As we develop our approach, it’s fantastic to be able to share this with others working in this field whilst also generating new ideas for future work.

The event is being held at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Wednesday 25th February 2015 and you can register for tickets here. To find out more please visit the Dementia Festival of Ideas page here.

If you’d like to find out more about our work or visit an immersive space then please get in touch with the 4D team via email or call 0161 686 5760

Manchester Communication Academy Content Project

This week sees the start of an exciting new project for 4D creative. We have been commissioned to work with the staff and pupils at Manchester Communication Academy to produce new and exciting content for the school’s immersive space. This content has been requested by teaching staff themselves, so that their Immersive Space can be used to further extend the use of the room and to test a powerful way to create content that benefits the school and the young people involved in this very 21st century skill.

Our teaching and learning associate, Gav will be working alongside staff and a group of Year 8 pupils to create new immersive themes and teaching resources for the school. Pupils will be taking and sourcing images, capturing and making sounds and recording videos which can then be tweaked, manipulated and polished into finished content.

We are very excited by this commission because the project will further strengthen how we can help our network of schools get the best from their immersive spaces. We are passionate that each of our education sited installs is firstly a teaching and learning environment that can have a huge impact on pupils. We can see that the learning experience and benefits can stretch out to subjects and lessons outside of the immersive space, and content creation, we hope, will be of great benefit to the young creators and the school itself.

Putting the pupils in control, they have firstly been given an area of curriculum to work with. Their brief is to create content related to ‘Inspiration’ specifically linked to the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ section of their syllabus. However, being immersive learning, the scope for the project goes way beyond this. Pupils will be involved and supported by MCA staff and our input at every stage of the process, writing briefs, creating content, editing their work and producing a final experience that is delivered in their immersive space.

The students will also be tracking their progress with regular blogs and video updates. We will be sharing these over the course of the eight week project with a final case study being produced later in the term. Check back for the latest news or follow our twitter feed.


A trip to Four Oaks Primary

We were recently showing some guests the finished immersive space at Four Oaks Primary. Halfway through our session a group of pensioners from the local community centre popped their head in during a tour of the new school. Gav decided to give them a full demonstration of the space to see what they thought.

It was great to see their reactions and to begin to see how the group could use the room. One idea was for reminiscence pieces to transport the group anywhere and at any time. We also saw that the space got our guests up and dancing (as per the picture above!). This would be fantastic for exercise work for the group. Everybody also agreed that our spaces are perfect for relaxation, people of all ages love our aquarium and beach themes!


St Kentigern’s Primary School visit 4D

[media url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

Last week we welcomed a group of student journalists from St Kentigern’s Primary School to our offices. We are currently designing a 4D Immersive Space for the school and they asked if they could bring some pupils, staff and governors to investigate what we do!

Our teaching and learning expert, Gav, took control of the day and invited the journalists to explore the 4D Immersive Space at our office to get their initial reactions. The pupils then interviewed the lovely 4D team to really see what makes us tick. Finally we hit ‘play’ on our Newsroom theme so we could hear what our guests had learnt!

It was a really fun and exciting way to spend a Friday afternoon and we would happily welcome more journalists (student or otherwise) into our office any time!


4D create launch

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This week we have welcomed some of our current clients to our offices to check out our new software. Staff from Heaton School, The Grange, The TEN Centre, Wade Deacon School, Witton Park CLC and Harwood Meadows visited our demo space and were blown away by what they saw!

4D create is the result of many hours of development, programming and testing but we are delighted with the finished software. We now have a piece of bespoke software that is easy to use and super simple to programme meaning pupils and teachers can upload their own content and create their own immersive experience in minutes.

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