Mobile Products

The 4D Mobile Immersive System has been designed to allow you to quickly and simply create immersive experiences in a wide range of settings and locations.

With all the technology of a permanent installation, projection, LED lighting, surround sound and bespoke software, neatly housed in this mobile unit, this modular system can develop and grow in tandem with your needs.

A robust but easily moveable flightcase forms the core component of our mobile product range. Glide this into any room, dim the lights and create your immersive space anytime or anywhere.


  • iPad and switch control – The entire immersive experience is controlled wirelessly from the iPad which is included within your Mobile Immersive System
  • Ultra short throw projection – Position the flight case near a white wall in a darkened room, select your theme on the iPad and watch the whole space transform
  • BOSE sound system – The soundscapes linked to our content themes set the scene, feed your senses and let your imagination go wild.
  • Wireless LED lights –Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the mood and atmosphere of your immersive space.
  • Software and Content –Your Mobile Immersive system come preloaded with our “4D create” software and a library of 50 flexible themes.
  • 250gb Media Storage –This robust “plug and play” box safely houses all your tech and incorporates 250gb of media storage
  • An instant inflatable space – The 5m x 5.5m pod is manufactured from fire retardant ‘rip stop’ material and inflates in just 3 minutes!
  • Projection screens –2 flexible projection screens are included in the package which simply fix to the pop up using clever magnets.