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Immersive experiences in health and social care

Having spent five years successfully creating immersive spaces throughout the education sector, 4D were delighted to be approached by MerseyCare NHS trust in 2013 with a new challenge to design and install an immersive space within their dementia assessment ward.

Working closely with MerseyCare NHS trust, 4D created a space that enabled the trust to deliver personalised care and reminiscence therapy. The focus of care within the immersive space was to relax people with dementia whilst stimulating memories and creating conversation points.

This person centred approach to care has not only improved well being, it has also enabled families of people with dementia to be involved in the process by creating personalised content for the immersive space. This could be a favourite piece of music or photos from a memorable holiday.

Following on from the success with MerseyCare NHS trust, 4D have continued to create life enhancing experiences within the NHS and private health care sector.

The Impact

Engagement And Connection

Use the tools and approach to:

  • Know, understand and respond to individuals history, likes, preferences, needs, hopes and goals.
  • Creatively and flexibly respond to a person’s communication, and be led by them.
  • Build on and strengthen relationships between practitioner, carer and patient.
  • Work in partnership with families and carers to focus on a person’s whole life, including their goals, skills and abilities to influence their care planning.

Calming And Peaceful

  • A space unlike anywhere else in a care home, hospital or hospice.
  • A therapeutic and calming environment where people can feel safe.
  • Develop and sustain a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Expressive, Inspired And Creative

  • A space to engage, have fun and communicate with others.
  • Use experiences to facilitate expression and inspire conversation.
  • Improve the quality of life by promoting positive health and wellbeing.
  • Share experiences in a space where you can be yourself and enjoy the company of others.

Service Delivery That Is

  • Research focused
  • Experimental
  • Forward thinking
  • Leading expertise
  • Leading best practice

Case studies

Sedgemoor Care Home

Sedgemoor Care Home wanted to create a model for dementia care through an open and welcoming environment. An atmosphere where everyone felt calm and relaxed in an open plan, naturally lit space which provided a calming atmosphere. They were won over by our approach in incorporating new and innovative work with people with dementia. Find out more in this case study…

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